Software overview


The latest software can be downloaded here.


Built-in skin list

At least 2 skins are available to choose from for each supported device.

Nintendo Gamecube Nintendo Gamecube skin
Nintendo Gamecube - compact Nintendo Gamecube - compact skin
Nintendo 64 Nintendo 64 skin
Nintendo 64 - compact Nintendo 64 - compact skin
SNES - compact SNES compact skin
PlayStation 2 PlayStation 2 skin
PlayStation 2 - compact PlayStation 2 - compact skin

Skin theming engine

The built-in theming engine will allow you to recolor existing themes without any need for XML or SVG knowledge.

Skin color remapping engine

Capture card lag compensation

Many capture cards have a delay between capturing and displaying the video stream. This is very noticable when inputs are being shown in the same picture, so the MUNIA software is able to seemlessly delay the shown inputs to match the capture lag.

Lag compensation window

Firmware updating

All devices we sell are eligible for firmware updates.

Bootloader window

NintendoSpy compatibility

Although fundamentally different, the MUNIA software can be configured to process data from NintendoSpy input displays as well. These devices are arduino-based and show up on your system as a Serial COM port. The MUNIA software allows these to be mapped onto Gamecube, N64 or SNES controllers. All you need to do is specify the correct mapping in the Arduino mappings menu.

Arduino mapper window